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2019-01-23 (11:00 hrs) Update: Currently, it is not snowing at Natural Harmony [flurries forecast],  Lane: Light covering of snow - Expected to thaw today!

The Centre is Open

There may also be a potential risk of disruption to your journey when attempting to reach the Natural Harmony Centre over the next few days.

See here for more details on the latest local forecast


 Please ring us to check if you are at all unsure



Complementary Therapy, Healing, Intuitive & Psychic Development Courses and Group Workshops

Natural Harmony Centre ~ 01938 820663

The Natural Harmony Centre provides a wide range of complementary therapies, delivered through a variety of "One-to-One" Healing Disciplines, Courses and Group Workshops all designed to promote your "Well Being". Our Practitioners and Therapists are happy to discuss any issue you feel we may be able to assist with.  There is a wide range of experience and skill available to you all you have to do is contact us for more information

Based in Powys, Mid Wales (see map) we also offer a wide range of Complementary Therapy training designed to support and promote personal development and provide professional complementary therapy training in a "hands on" environment.

See our list of the complementary therapies currently available.


Quality Complementary Therapy from people who care...


Natural Harmony Gift Shop!

Please also check out Natural Harmony Gifts for a variety of great gift ideas for you, family and friends. Vouchers are also available for both the Therapies and the Gift Shop

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Complementary therapy, a variety of "One-to-One" Healing Disciplines, Courses and Group Workshops promoting individual Well Being for all...